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2022 Fundraiser

No Judgment. Just Talent

At Roaring Epiphany Production Company (REPC), we believe that theater needs a facelift. Talent comes in many shapes and forms, and we want to ensure there is space for all of it.

Our classes use a hands-on approach to equip our students with the tools necessary to begin to break into the acting world and break down stereotypes of diverse professional actors. In the past, we have worked with students of the neurodiverse, LGBTQ, BIPOC, and body positivity communities. This is a fun and creative safe space for each actor to grow and master the skills needed to succeed.

And when we say everyone, we mean everyone.


Classes are $150 for a four-week session, with scholarships available. A gift of any size helps us keep this cost so low.


We’re hoping to raise $2,500 for this work by Giving Tuesday. We hope you will donate at this time.

Thank you!

REPC is a 501(C)(3) organization so all donations are tax-deductible.

Adam Hess

Theresa Spelman

Katherine Hughes

Amanda Polli

Sharon Liebman

Nitza Schraeter

Michael Caruso

Gavin Scotti

Natalie Manzke

Amelia Caruso-Picker

Kevin King

Samantha Schraeter

Ruffin Prentiss III

Robert Kempton

Eva Weiss

Stacy DeRiso

Amy Grossman-Galarza

Kesi Green

Myrna Valdez-Thomas

Christina Rothstein

Shari Goodhart

Tess Bricker

David Stopforth

Samantha Gilman

Lars Hyman

Lauren Schraeter

Hannah Hershman

Stephanie Solomon

Jonathan Appel

Mike Mirsky

Will Foster

Loreal Lewis

Emma Liebman

Emily Wilson

Marisol DeLeon

Vilma Vale-Brennan

Christina Henderson

Hallie Johnston

John Rillera

Rondy Miller

Alex Ryan

Danielle Dailey

Michele Zachar

Melissa Gordon-Ring

Leif Albright

Patricia Battle-Mutter

Reater Golston

Kathryn Tobey

Brittany Kinsella

Kym Miller

Adam Weiss

Charles Raynolds

Ryan Hughes

Julia Hudin

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