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Roaring Epiphany Production Company (REPC) started at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre in 2015 as a bi-monthly cabaret. Founder, RJ VerChuad, wanted to give actors with disabilities the opportunity to perform alongside Off-Broadway and Broadway professionals, on a well-known stage.


Quickly realizing the talent passing through the cabaret from performance to performance, he put together a chorus for talented vocalists of all abilities. Soon after, he realized there were actors among the talented singers, and the cabaret-turned-chorus became Roaring Epiphany Production Company—a nonprofit theater company providing inclusive performance opportunities and education for adults.

Our Mission

No judgment. Just talent.

Our Mission

Roaring Epiphany Production Company (REPC) is a theater company that promotes inclusion in the arts and is dedicated to educating, promoting, and casting those who would normally be a minority in the theatrical community.

REPC 2018
Alice Education

Our Vision

We strive to change the way audiences view typical theater, through groundbreaking casting, application of evidence-based practices to teach basic theatrical skills, and continuous support of every artist that has a passion to shine. 

We work to include anyone that is often a minority in theater, including those of differing abilities, races, genders, orientations, and body types. REPC believes that theater should be for everyone, and roles should be cast based on talent, and not preconceived judgments of what characters should be and “look like.”

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